Important  projects:


2008 - 2009   VMSP-P-0052-07: Elektrochemické biosenzory na báze nanobiokompozitov pre rýchlu a efektívnu analýzu

technologickya zdravotne významných zložiek potravín a nápojov

2009 - 2011   VMSP-P-0073-09: Vreckový analytický systém pre jednoduchú a rýchlu analýzu v potravinárstve

a diagnostike na báze jednorazových biosenzorov s využitím nanotechnológie  


2013 - 2016   E!7839 - ONWIO:  Development of real-time monitoring system to control wine fermantation based

on improved biosensor technology


2015- 2018  IPCOS Imprinted Polymers as Coffee Sensors (more information HERE) 

The IPCOS project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) - Innovative Training Networks (ITN) under the grant agreement number 642014. The aim of the IPCOS Network is to bring innovation to the field of food quality by offering an international, interdisciplinary and intersectorial doctoral training programme that will target the development of chemical sensors, using the molecular imprinting technology, for application in the coffee industry, focusing on three main groups of targets:


a) chlorogenic acids

b) cafestol and kaurene terpenes

c) caffeine


 This project brings together 2 academic teams, 1 large international company, 1 SME and one non-profit research centre of excellence, supported by 4 associated teams, with a very multidisciplinary and multisectorial expertise. The IPCOS training programme will require ESRs to work 50% of their time in industry, providing them with a set of unique scientific and transferable skills that will match both public and private sector needs, together with a strong development of innovation and entrepreneurship ethos, therefore considerably enhancing their career perspectives. All researchers will aim to achieve a doctoral degree at the end of their training. As a result of the close collaborative links, IPCOS will strengthen the innovation capacity of universities/research institutes to commercially exploit their research and enhance the research potential and competitiveness of European companies and SMEs.






18-11-2006 (Padua, Italy)

Victory in the second annual “Nanochallenge 2006”, prestigious international competition of business plans

in the field of nanotechnology


23-11-2006 (Trieste, Italy) 

 Victory of international price CEI (Central European Iniziative) project “From Research to Enterprise”  


06-03-2008 (Austria) 

Final six most appreciated business ideas within competition Best of Biotech 2007/2008




Seminars and Conferences:


19 -11-2010 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

 "Annual Meeting of Slovene Viticulturists and Oenologists" - Company presentation


25 to 27-02-2011 (Kobylí na Moravě, Czech Republic) 

Vineyard & winery seminars in Kobylí na Moravě: Company presentation, lecture     

Lecture: Miroslav Streďanský, PhD.: “Use of biosensors in wine and must analysis”


22 to 26-11-2011 (Milan, Italy)

Participation in the 24th Edition of the International Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition

in Italy - SIMEI 2011 (Pavillion 11, stand D19)           






2012 (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)

On the basis of a competence assessment, the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic

confer to Biorealis the certificate of competence to perform R&D   



Without labor there is no rest, and withou fighting, no victory. (Thomas à Kempis)



wine analyzer, wine quality control, food analyzer, brewing industry, juice production, hydromel, fruit storage, fermentation process monitoring,

bioprocess monitoring