omnilab MINOR


- is a simplified and cheaper version of the multi-parametric measuring system omnilab - W which is widely

used in many sectors. It is characterized by very simple one botton manipulation. Typical feature of the model 

MINOR is a determination of variable amount of parameters (from 1 to 6). The measured analytes are choosen

by customer from list of optional analytes. So we offer to our client to customize device. The price of device

depends on the number of choosen analytes. 





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Technical parameters:


Manipulation:                               one botton

Time of analyses:                         from 4,5 to 8 min, depending on analyte type

Power supply:                              from a 230V network through 9V adapter

Watt consumption:                       2W

Dimension with/without probe:      8x14x15 cm/20x14x15 cm

Weight:                                      1,2 kg






-  DATA SHEET                          

- CONFORMITY DECLARATION                                                                





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wine analyzer, wine quality control, food analyzer, brewing industry, juice production, hydromel, fruit storage, fermentation process monitoring,

bioprocess monitoring