General information


Line of portable laboratories is based on a new, innovative biosensor system with applications in a wide range 

of food industy/biotech sectors. These are individually functioning measuring systems, which do not require

and additonal equipment. Entire system is designed as “all-inclusive” and consists of:


- electronic measuring unit

- electrochemical replaceable biosensor

- measurement kit


Result of analysis is available in several minutes from turning-on the device. Operation of the device is simple,

understendable not only for experts, but also for laicus.  




Fields of use 


 food and beverages industry

- wine production

- beer production

- hydromel production

- spirit production

- juice and non alcoholic beverages production 

- fruit and vegetable processing


fermentation and bioprocess monitoring

- microbial fermentation

- tissue cultures

- biocatalysis 

- biofuel production (f.e. bioethanol, biodiesel)




Measured analytes

- glucose

- fructose

- glucose and fructose*

- sucrose

- lactose

- reducing sugars like glucose (starch hydrolysate)

- reducing sugars like maltose (beer production)

- L- lactic acid 

- D- lactic acid

- D- and L- lactic acids*

- L- malic acid

- L- malic and L-lactic acids* (for oenology)

 acetic acid

- gluconic acid 

- total acids (for oenology)

- free SO2 (for oenology)

- L- glutamate

- L- phenylalanine

- ethanol

- methanol

- glycerol

- ammonium ion

* simultaneous measuring by doubble biosensor


Coming soon are the biosensors for:

- free fatty acids 

- triacylglycerols 

- cholesterol

- urea

- other sugars

- other acids like citric acid

- amino acids



       There is nothing we receive with so much relutance and advice. (Addison)


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